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Aftermarket Product Liability Investigation

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Did the manufacture of your vehicle void the warranty because they “feel” that the problem your vehicle is having is caused by an aftermarket product?

Has your vehicle started having problems after an aftermarket product was installed, yet the manufacturer of the product denies that there is any correlation between the two?

Has your vehicle or property suffered irreparable loss or damage possibly due to an aftermarket product? Has bodily harm or death occurred as the possibility of faulty aftermarket equipment?

With more and more aftermarket manufacturers using the vehicle data lines to receive and transmit information and controls to and from your vehicle, the possibility of integrated failure increases drastically. Low quality, poorly designed and engineered aftermarket products don’t care about the integrity of the vehicle data system or data stream. Instead of waiting for and opening in the data traffic, aftermarket manufacturers tend to force their way into the data stream causing data collisions and data confusion. Our experts at Automotive Investigators can test for this and other aspects to the proper operation and integration of data based aftermarket systems.

Most of our work under this category is performed for aftermarket manufacturers or attorneys; however we will also work for individuals who are in need of our services.

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